Hey guys. :) school starts again tomorrow, and i need to improve my marks even more. So i have set up a queue until 6th of June, the day of my last test ;) im going to miss you guys. You guys are just fantastic. Take care everyone, ok!? :’) the queue starts tomorrow! :)

Haha this is just for you to remember. :) that I’m going to be away until 6th of June. I really need to make this 3rd term of my 10th grade a blast! I must accomplish my goals, no matter how difficult they are. And for this, I must not get distracted with anything. :\ so I’m leaving till the 6th of June. When I come back, I really would love to see lots of messages on my inbox *_* that would mean a lot. I hope you guys don’t forget me hahaha :p my queue started on Monday and I already miss you guys :) no joke! You guys helped me a lot these long months I’ve been on tumblr, I owe you a lot. Seriously, thank you for everything you’ve done for me!! But now, I will not be here until the 6th of June. I’m sorry guys :( I hope you all take good care of yourselves. You are the best. A huge hug from André :3 (ps: this is in a queue.) See you on the summer!!! :D

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